Cooperation heart center Hamburg

The Fontenay has excellent facilities to conduct private medical interviews and examinations directly at the hotel. In the case of cardiac or vascular surgery at the University Heart Center Hamburg (UHZ), the specialists at the UHZ facilitate medical consultations as well as minor physical examinations in the form of home visits after a stay at the UHZ directly at The Fontenay on request of the patient and guest.

Guests are assured that they can enjoy the convenience and privacy of the hotel just after an inpatient visit, and need only to revisit the hospital if required for follow-up treatment. For patients, overnight stays at the UHZ and related commuting are reduced. Patients can rest in an environment that is optimal for their privacy and extremely comfortable, which also allows for a faster recovery. The home visits are a private personal medical treatment and require a separate agreement with the specialists at the UHZ.

For contacts and additional information please contact the UHZ directly.