Warmwood Wagon

Bar Culture‘2.0’ at its best

The exclusive Wormwood Wagon is the latest attraction at the Fontenay Bar. Its uniqueness lies in the interplay of deconstruction and reconstruction: so, the Wormwood Wagon presents the separate components – essentially, the DNA – of vermouth in terms of bitterness, sweetness and herbs, and the individual ingredients are then reassembled at the table, in front of the guest's eyes. Creating your own individual vermouth is a very involved and sensuous experience.

The concept, which is unique to the global bar scene, uses the individual vermouth ingredients of spirits, bitters and sugar, and reconstructs them to a modern interpretation of this classic drink. As a base only top-quality wine is used. The alcohol and hint of fruit are supplemented by fruit brandies from Germany, Austria and Switzerland. An additional full panoply of aromas is provided by herb essences and elixirs from all over the world, that round off the flavor effect. Finally, sweetness is added, using all natural agave syrup, rice syrup or honey.

The following creations are currently featured on the Fontenay Bar drinks menu:

No. 1
Quince / Honey / Peychaud’s Bitters / Wormwood essence

No. 2
Banana / Agave nectar / Black Walnut Bitters / Wormwood essence

No. 3
Black figs / Maple syrup / Angostura Bitters / Wormwood essence