Fontenay's Finest

The Fontenay‘s Finest

Welcome to the playground of senses at the Fontenay Bar. The Fontenay’s Finest is a selection of our own drinks made partially with self-made ingredients inspired by seasonality and the newest global techniques in flavouring or influenced by bartender friends from all over the world.

Discover your new favourite drink.

Bittered Sling No. 2

What is wormwood? Martini? A drink or a product? On ice or mixed? We focus on an understated aromatic product which disappeared from bar culture for some time. We have developed a new category to pay full tribute to this drink. There is no limit in variety and we are delighted to present the true value of wormwood.

Our self-created „Rosé Wormwood“ is topped with champagne and especially tropical and refreshing.
(Ingredients: rosé wine, banana brandy, black walnut tincture, agave, wormwood essence, champagne)

Sleeping Beauty

Inspired by a classic drink of the bar world, Blood & Sand, but completely different. An almost transparent drink, bitter, slightly smokey and with notes of fruits and citrus, which owes its name to its appearance.

The sweet finale of cherry surprises and reminds of a drop of blood at the bottom of the glass, just like in the fairytale Sleeping Beauty.
(Ingredients: mezcal, clarified orange juice, maraschino liqueur, dry vermouth, creme de cerise)

Gold of the Caribbean

The combination of Thai curry and a tropical drink evolves from sweet and bitter flavors. Different than expected, as the Caribbean feeling results completely without juices or decorative fruit. This creation shows that stronger drinks can also be easily enjoyed.

(Ingredients: Cuban rum, pineapple rum, green banana liqueur, coriander spirit, lemongrass vanilla syrup)

Padovanis Beer
The logical progression of a „Padovani“ made of Whisky and elderflower liqueur, named after the famous bartender Xavier Padovani. It does not differ much in looks from your average beer and shows its similarity in its refreshing taste, this light and spicy drink exists completely without those bitter and herbed ingredients. All senses are triggered by a new deceptive flavour experience.

(Ingredients: blended malt whisky, elderflower liqueur, homemade tea pot bitters, verjuice, mate, gentiana espuma)