Fontenay Pâtisserie

„As patissier I am very open-minded and am easily inspired by my daily lifestyle and extraordinary experiences. My new creations develop in my mind before they are even close to being presented on the plates of guests. “

Chef patissier Marco D’Andrea interprets the classic tea culture in his own way: colourful, wild, sweet and inspired by art. His menu is designed with sweet and hearty creations, for example “Fourme d’Ambert on fruitbread with raspberry, hazelnuts, and aged balsamico,“ as well as “buttered rye bread with smoked trout, horseradish, and chives.“ The menu is certainly not missing out on the classics like cucumber and roastbeef sandwiches, freshly baked scones, clotted cream and homemade citrus or strawberry jam. The centerpieces of this sweet rubric are created by Marco D’Andrea and present his own signature creations, where he has allowed his creativity to run free to create artful delights. The Afternoon Tea experience is combined with a vast variety of tea.

To begin with, Marco D’Andrea recommends the a longdrink creation á la Fontenay Bar, build with Rum, spicy flavors and cinnamonsirup, filled up with Ginger Ale. The Appearance and taste is matching beautifully o a cold winter afternoon.

A variety of tea time is planned throughout the year – created and influenced by the different flavors of the seasons and in harmony with special occasions like Christmas and Easter.

The afternoon tea will be served daily from 02.00pm until 05.30pm in our Atrium Lounge.

Afternoon Tea €59 pro person
Afternoon Tea Deluxe €74 inclusive one glas of Ruinart Rosé champagne pro person